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Being one of the top custom software designing companies in India, we cover all advanced technology in order to meet variegated demands of customers in minimum possible time and provide modern solutions.

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With NSoft, you get a partner who is committed to bringing valuable industry skills to each engagement, to help clients build and implement better solutions.

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A strong guidance partner with capabilities and know how of your industry challenges, solutions and technology.
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Case studies

Proud projects that make us stand out

Parcel Exchange Group: A case study for carrier network platform in Africa

Problem Statement

A case study for carrier network platform in Africa


Credibility - Losing big opportunities, limitation to excel business
  • Operational – managing team, clients and transport tracking
  • No immediate client and service provider status updates.
  • No tracking of driver location.
  • Issues in connecting client with right transport service provider.

Our Solution

New Web, mobile application implemented for Android and IOS
  • Developed/Developing a platform which connects clients and service providers and keeping tracks of drivers across African region. Currently upgrading it to the global level supplier
  • Flexibility for clients to connect appropriate service provider keep track of their goods and supplies.
Mpex Business Solutions Inc: A case study for HRMS mobile application

Problem Statement

No mobile applicaton at place

Mpex didn’t had their HRMS system on mobile platform resulting in loss of opportunities from prospective clients.


Credibility - Losing big opportunities, limitation to usage
  • Operational - issues for vendor companies
  • Application use restricted to only desktops and laptops.
  • No tracking of employees location if work from home
  • No flexibility handling information/punch in and punch out of employees who are on the outdoor jobs

Our Solution

New Web, mobile application implemented for Android and IOS
  • Developed/Developing an HRMS mobile app system which can be used by any company categories/section.
  • Flexibility for employees to punch their in time and out time from the remote place they are working.
Tata Motors: A case study from no training process to structured training process

Problem Statement

Ineffective training program

Training program were not organized and didn’t happen as per the expectation resulting in unknown/less known working processes and ethics conduct in the organization.


Credibility - Lack of awareness in team on floor
  • Operational: The team members were unaware of the working ethics, factory ethics of process/conducts.
  • Minor/Major accidents happened due to lack of working processes, Wear and tear of machines because of lack in knowledge on how to maintain the machine, Unawareness about how to behave in the company premises

Our Solution

New eLearning system with each individual module for subject
  • Personal ownership and accountability towards understanding client’s business
  • Solution Designed using standard components